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US Senators Grill Boeing CEO Over Safety Record and Compensation

Boeing CEO Calhoun has faced intense questioning over compensation and safety record, sparking calls for resignation and prosecution.

US senators has criticised Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun for the company’s troubled safety record, overshadowing his apology to families affected by two 737 MAX crashes and a recent mid-air emergency.

Calhoun faced intense questioning about his multimillion-dollar compensation package, Boeing’s safety culture, and why he hasn’t resigned immediately instead of retiring by year’s end.

 “I am proud of every action we have taken” Calhoun said in response to harsh questioning from Republican Senator Josh Hawley who asked, “why haven’t you resigned?”

Senator Josh Hawley accused Calhoun of “strip-mining” Boeing while earning a substantial pay package, which rose 45% to $32.8 million in 2023.

Subcommittee Chair Richard Blumenthal called the hearing a “moment of reckoning” for Boeing, citing overwhelming evidence that warrants prosecution by the US Justice Department. The department has until July 7 to decide on its plans.

“As a former federal prosecutor and state attorney general I think that the evidence is near-overwhelming to justify that prosecution,” Blumenthal said.

Calhoun took responsibility for recent incidents, including a manufacturing defect that caused an Alaska Airlines door plug incident in January and the development of a software system linked to the fatal 2018 and 2019 crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia, which killed 346 people.

The hearing highlighted Boeing’s souring safety reputation and put pressure on Calhoun and the company to take concrete steps to address concerns.

Boluwatife Enome

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