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US Plans Further Strikes on Iran-Backed Groups, Says NSA Sullivan

“We intend to take additional action, to continue to send a clear message that the US will respond when our forces are attacked.”

The United States national security adviser, Jake Sullivan has announced its intention to launch further strikes at Iran-backed groups in the Middle East, on Sunday, after hitting Tehran-aligned factions in Iraq, Syria and Yemen over the last two days.

The United States and Britain unleashed attacks against 36 Houthi targets in Yemen, a day after the U.S. military hit Tehran-backed groups in Iraq and Syria in retaliation for a deadly attack on U.S. troops in Jordan.

“We intend to take additional strikes, and additional action, to continue to send a clear message that the United States will respond when our forces are attacked, when our people are killed,” Sullivan said

The attacks are the most recent in a war that has erupted across the Middle East since October 7, when Israel was overrun by the terrorist Palestinian organization Hamas, which is supported by Iran, and a war was declared.

Top diplomat Antony Blinken left for the area on Sunday afternoon as part of the Biden administration’s diplomatic attempts to lessen the effects of the war.

 Tehran-backed groups declaring support for the Palestinians have entered the fray across the region: Hezbollah has fired at Israeli targets at the Lebanese-Israeli border, Iraqi militias have fired on U.S. forces in Iraq and Syria, and the Houthis have fired on shipping in the Red Sea and at Israel itself.

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