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UN Warns That Gaza Blockade Could Lead To Cutting Off Relief Operations

Gaza Health Ministry reported that 750 Palestinians died this week due to air strikes.

The United Nations agency for Palestinian refugees warned Wednesday that if it does not receive immediate fuel deliveries, it will be forced to drastically reduce relief operations in Gaza, which has been blockaded and hit by devastating Israeli airstrikes since Hamas militants launched an attack on Israel more than two weeks ago.

Since Hamas terrorists started an offensive on Israel more than two weeks ago, the region has been blockaded and subjected to deadly Israeli air attacks.

The warning came as hospitals in Gaza battled to treat large numbers of injured people with limited resources, and health authorities in the Hamas-ruled region reported the death toll was rising as Israeli planes continued to strike the area overnight.

According to the Health Ministry in Gaza, where Hamas controls the government, airstrikes killed more than 750 Palestinians between Tuesday and Wednesday. The data did not specify how many of those killed were militants. The Associated Press was unable to independently verify the fatality numbers claimed by Hamas, which claims to be a collection of hospital directors’ data.

The Israeli military said its attacks killed terrorists and damaged tunnels, command centres, weapons storage facilities, and other military targets that Hamas was suspected of concealing amid Gaza’s civilians.

Residents of Gaza have been running short of food, water, and medication since Israel sealed off the area in response to Hamas’s offensive on southern Israel.

Glamour Adah

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