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UN Raises Alarm Over Global Food Waste And Shortage Crisis

UN Environment Program says 19% of food worldwide was wasted in 2022 and over 1 billion meals are wasted daily.

The UN Environment Program (UNEP) has warned that over 1 billion meals are wasted daily.

The 2024 UNEP Food Waste Index Report, was published on Wednesday, March 27 and tracks the progress of countries to halve food waste by 2030.

1.05 billion metric tons, or 19% of the food produced worldwide, went to waste in 2022.

Researchers analyzed country data on households, food service and retailers.
60% of the waste was generated in homes, then from eateries and/or food services.

Following a near doubling of data coverage since the latest report published in 2021, there has been increased convergence in the average per capita household food waste.

High-income, upper-middle income, and lower-middle income countries differ in observed average levels of household food waste by just 7 kg/capita/year, the report says.

Food waste is a global concern due to the environmental costs associated with food production, such as the land and water needed to cultivate crops and animals as well as the greenhouse gas emissions.

The 172-page report is released at a time when 783 million people worldwide suffer from chronic hunger.

Melissa Enoch

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