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Ugandan Opposition Leader, Bobi Wine, Has Been Taken Into Custody, Upon Return, By Authorities

His supporters wanted to accompany him to his residence, but law enforcement declared that such gatherings were against illegal.

Bobi Wine

A prominent member of Uganda’s primary opposition party reported that their leader, Bobi Wine, was apprehended on Thursday at Entebbe International Airport upon his return from overseas.

David Lewis Rubongoya, General Secretary of Wine’s National Unity Platform (NUP) stated on X, formerly Twitter, “Our President (Bobi Wine) picked up by regime operatives as soon as he landed at the airport.

“They are so afraid of the people because they know people don’t like them.”

Mathias Mpuuga, leader of the National Unity Platform in the Ugandan parliament also said, “The cowardly regime has arrested our President upon arrival at Entebbe Airport. We set out to receive him today, but the panicky regime security could not even allow him into immigration.” 

His (Wine) supporters had organized a collective effort to travel with him to his residence located north of the capital city, Kampala, in order to give him a warm welcome upon his return. However, law enforcement authorities had declared that such gatherings were against the law.

Over the past few years, Robert Kyagulanyi, commonly referred to as Bobi Wine, has risen as the most formidable opponent to President Yoweri Museveni, who, at 79 years old, has held the reins of the East African nation since 1986.

Wine contested the 2021 presidential election against Museveni and, despite disputing the outcome, he claimed that the election had been marred by extensive rigging and intimidation by security forces.

Frances Ibiefo

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