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Tinubu’s 100 Days: The President Has Done Well By Successfully Defending His Election, Says Ojougboh

“He’s a listening president; he’s been able to think ahead and he continues to build.”

In a recent assessment of Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s first 100 days in office, Cairo Ojougboh, an All Progressives Congress (APC) Chieftain, director general of the Coalition for Peace and Unity, and former member of the federal House of Representatives, provided insights into the former Lagos governor’s performance and the challenges he faces as Nigeria’s leader.

One of the most significant achievements highlighted by Ojougboh is Tinubu’s ability to defend his election victory. He commended Tinubu for assembling a formidable legal team and effectively presenting his case at the election petition tribunal. According to Ojougboh, this accomplishment demonstrates Tinubu’s commitment to upholding the will of the electorate. He concluded that “for Tinubu to be able to defend his election he has done well,” said Ojougboh.

Ojougboh also emphasised Tinubu’s efforts in assembling a capable team to administer and run the executive branch. He praised the president saying “He’s a listening president; he’s been able to think ahead and he continues to build. He goes the way that should be able to give the result of what he wants to attain for Nigerians according to his manifesto.”

According to Ojougboh, Tinubu’s administration is dedicated to addressing key issues such as providing food, shelter, education, and employment opportunities for Nigerians.

Tinubu’s tenure began with inherited security challenges, which Ojougboh acknowledged as a formidable task. He highlighted the importance of educating the populace and creating job opportunities to combat security issues.

Ojougboh noted that restructuring the security architecture and addressing economic issues are ongoing efforts by the Tinubu administration.

“He has been able to restructure the security architecture, and it takes time to get results,” said Ojougboh. He also mentioned that Tinubu has been working on reforming the Central Bank of Nigeria and tackling issues related to the depreciation of the national currency.

Regarding fuel subsidy and economic challenges, Ojougboh acknowledged the complexities of the issue. He mentioned that labour unions have expressed concerns about further increases in fuel prices and urged the president to address the suffering of the people. Ojougboh expressed confidence in Tinubu’s commitment to resolving these challenges. “I know the president is working very hard to see that these issues are addressed, and I trust that he will come out with a proper result.”

Kiki Garba

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