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Tinubu Needs Strategic Blueprint For Policies To Align With Renewed Hope Manifesto, Says Baba Yusuf

Baba Yusuf has said the performance of Tinubu’s administration should be measured by impact and outcomes not by events.

Policy Strategist, Baba Yusuf, has stated that, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, needs a strategic blueprint for policies in his administration to align with his renewed hope manifesto.

Speaking in an interview with ARISE NEWS on Thursday night, the Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Global Investment and Trade Company, Baba Yusuf, commented on the 25 years of Nigeria’s democracy and Tinubu’s one year administration saying that “ the performance of Tinubu’s administration should be measured my impact and outcomes not by events.”

Yusuf established that the fundamental issue in the current administration is the “lack of thoroughly thought out strategic blueprint that will drive the agenda the current administration which has a lot of policies, actions that are totally unparalleled its renewed hope manifesto.”

He highlighted that to ensure policy coordination and coherence, “policies are supposed to be derived from a strategy” noting that this would help in practicality because they are a lot of “living in a bubble” kind of policies in this administration.

Reflecting on Nigeria’s 25 years od democracy, Yusuf described it as a “bitter-sweet,” expressing that there is room for improvement.

 In evaluating how Nigeria has fared over the years, he recognised the “intangible value of freedom of expression, and association” that Nigerian have enjoyed.

However, he expressed that democracy should be a process that yields products or dividends. These dividends are “justice, equity, good economic, social economics and a sense of belonging by all,” which by all indices Nigeria is yet to achieve.

Yusuf said that the fourth republic has been marooned to the “road blocks of insecurities and bad social economy” causing all the indices to go negative.

Regarding the rate of corruption in Nigeria, Yusuf stated that the political class and elite have also serially failed Nigerians because they have taken part in the “corruption value chain where politician are enabled to continue their corruption actions.”

He urged everyone to take part of the responsibility for the failures we have been experiencing so far in Nigeria.

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