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Timipre Sylva: I Will Develop Gas-Based Economy in Bayelsa If Elected 

He brushed off inciting comments made by his deputy governor candidate as “comments on the campaign trail”.

The Bayelsa State governorship candidate under the umbrella of the All Progressive Congress (APC) , Timipre Sylva, spoke on his 6-point Agenda to improve the state if elected just after his candidacy status was restored.

The Appeal Court in Abuja on Tuesday reversed a lower court ruling hindering the candidate from participating in the upcoming November 11 election. 

In an ARISE NEWS interview on Wednesday, Sylva expressed his hopes that INEC, with the same immediacy used to take his name off the candidate list, would announce his reinstatement in hopes that he will be re-elected as governor and gain the opportunity to round off unfinished projects he began that were abandoned by his predecessor. 

He pointed out that many projects he began before his removal from office in 2012 were neglected, abandoned or unaccounted for. He explained his 6-point plan to improve the state. 

“I have been saying everywhere that during my campaign trail that I have a 6-point agenda. I’m aware that I don’t have a very long tenor; at best a 4-year tenor. I want to hit the ground running.

“One of the biggest problems Bayelsa has is human capacity. I want to be able to create human capacity in my state. The problem is we haven’t seen human beings as resources. If we don’t develop resources, it becomes an albatross.”

He stated that he will also focus on education and skill acquisition which has always been his plan despite all infrastructures he attempted to establish being abandoned or transformed into polytechnic schools. He also stated that he would also place emphasis on creating infrastructures in the water and power sector. 

The candidate pointed out that Bayelsa would be best run on a gas-based economy saying, “There is a need to develop an economy in Bayelsa State as far as I’m concerned… a gas-based economy because I’m aware that Bayelsa is home to a lot of the gas resources in Nigeria. More than 50% of the gas going into burning energy is from Bayelsa. It would help in enabling petrochemicals in methanol and fertilizers.”

He hopes to do this in conjunction with the private sector. He spoke on issues like power stabilization, curbing oil theft and agricultural development. 

Many questions have come up concerning Sylva’s deputy candidate, Joshua MacIver where he made inciting statements that called for public disorder against those who do not support the party.

Concerning this, Sylva said, “These are comments made on the campaign trail, a lot of people make these comments.

“All we are looking for is a peaceful election.”

Glamour Adah

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