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Sudan Appeals for Humanitarian Assistance for People Affected by Ongoing War

Sudan’s government says a protracted war would have been over but for assistance given to rebels by foreign countries.

The government of Sudan has called on the countries across the globe and international agencies to come to the aid of the countries by sending in into the crisis ridden country humanitarian assistance.

The government also alleged that the protracted crisis should have been over by now if not for assistance given to the rebel force by some countries, asking that those countries should be compelled to stop their sponsorship.

Addressing the media in Abuja, Charge d’ Affaires of Sudan in Nigeria, Ahmed Jaboul, while assuring that Sudan would ensure that the humanitarian assistance get to all the people, said the country will continue to prioritise humanitarian solutions to the present crisis in the country as it remains the key to ending the protracted conflict situation.

He added that this has become important to enable Sudanese government to meaningfully negotiate political settlement.

The charge d’ affaires while lamenting that since the crisis began a year ago the situation largely remains the same as the rebels have not laid down their arms but that the the National Military Forces have halted hostilities in most parts of the country.

Jaboul said: “What we will like to focus on nowadays is to talk about the humanitarian solutions in Sudan. This is one of the very critical areas and one of the priorities, not only for the government, but for the international community as well.

“The discussion on the way forward has been going on since June, 2023, particularly at the conference held in Geneva, which centered on the humanitarian situation in Sudan. Yet, what we received here in Sudan is not more than 10 per cent of the commitment made.

“Even, the humanitarian aids we received in the central part of Sudan and stored in the central part of the Sudanese states have been invaded by the rebel forces.”

He decried that not much has been done by the international community to sustain humanitarian solutions resulting from the conflict situation, especially in condemning the rebel acts.

He expressed concern over moves by the rebels toward central part of Sudan and parts of Western Sudan, which led to the killing innocent people.

He regretted that the rebels continue to invade wherever they go, killing innocent people, taking everything they found suitable and stop business life totally.

He declared that: “The government of Sudan is willing to have roundtable like it did in Jedda in 2023 to negotiate settlement,” adding that: “At the end of the negotiations last year, their were commitments by each party, government did its part, those who hosted the peace talk alluded to it, but the rebels did not.

“We had agreed the rebels should come out from the houses of civilians, entities, government institutions, universities and move to safe places to enable us proffer solutions.

“Unfortunately, these was not adhered to by the rebel forces, but the situation has changed now. The military forces control the Sudan capital and most central parts, except parts of Dafur which is still under control of the rebels.”

He appealed to media organisations to play key role by promoting correctness on news about the conflict in Sudan to advance the humanitarian solutions, sustainable peace and as well, ensure political settlements.

He appealed to the international community to compel those sponsoring the rebel to stop even as he called for humanitarian support, stating that the Sudanese government was ready to allow the donors to distribute them directly in Sudan to the affected people.

Michael Olugbode in Abuja

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