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 Subsidy: Nigerians Are Groaning Under Bola TInubu’s Administration, Says Abdullahi Ibrahim  

He says we cannot just agree with the market forces controlling fuel prices.

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“Nigerians are groaning across all walks of life—the rich and the poor, Christians and Muslims—nobody agrees with the policy and cannot come to terms. It is the worst decision any government can take.”

Abdullahi Ibrahim, Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the  Peoples Democratic Party, has said the explanations concerning the current economy do not make sense to any rational mind, saying people can always come up with any logic to back up their arguments. He says we cannot just agree with the market forces controlling fuel prices.

In an interview with ARISE NEWS on Wednesday, Abdullahi Ibrahim said that after inheriting the kind of problems Nigeria was in contention with from the Buhari Administration for 8 years, it was assumed the Bola Tinubu government would give Nigerians a breather, but on the contrary, he has not kept up to his campaign promises, instead he has pushed Nigerians further to their knees.

The PDP Deputy Public Secretary made it clear that the PDP is not in agreement with the policies of a government whose election in itself is subject to question without prejudice to the position of the court since the elections are still in contention.

He made it clear that, as a member of the opposition party, what his party would have done differently would be to “provide palliative care as the first alternative before even going ahead with the withdrawal of the subsidy, one would have expected the government to spend a period of 6 months studying the situation and engaging Nigerians before making decisions.”

Ibrahim added that the PDP would not have rushed into decision-making without coming up with informed decisions and measures to alleviate their excruciating pain and that it is quite unfortunate that Nigerians have gone on to say they miss the Buhari administration, which had a terrible government.

Catherine Amaga

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