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South Africa Plans To Probe Microsoft’s Cloud Computing Licensing Practices

Despite plans to investigate it’s cloud computing services, Microsoft says it’s unaware of any complaint by South Africa’s competition authority.

A South African antitrust agency is preparing to launch an investigation into Microsoft concerning its cloud computing licensing practices.

The case against Microsoft in South Africa is expected to resemble a similar antitrust case in the European Union, a Reuters source disclosed.

However, Microsoft said in an emailed statement that it is unaware of any complaint lodged by the South African competition authority.

The software giant is currently facing a complaint from rivals in the EU regarding its cloud computing licensing practices.

The complaint, filed by industry group CISPE, which includes members such as Amazon.com and 26 small EU cloud providers, alleges that Microsoft’s new contractual terms are detrimental to Europe’s cloud computing ecosystem.

Microsoft made adjustments to its licensing terms in mid-2022 following complaints from rivals in Germany, Italy, Denmark, and France. These grievances were brought to the attention of the EU competition watchdog.


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