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Senator Hanga: I Have No Regret Purchasing Burial Materials for My Constituents

Kano Senator Hanga said he has no regret purchasing and donating burial materials to constituents.

The Senator representing Kano central at the National Assembly Rufai Sani Hanga, lamented that many people in his constiuenncy cannot afford burial materials for their dead brothers as he defending his decision to buy the materials to bury their dead bodies.

Addressing a press conference on Monday, in Kano Senator Hanga, said he has no regret purchasing and donating the materials as many people cannot afford it due to the prevailing economic situation in the country.

Hanga, who represents Kano Central at the National Assembly, told newsmen in Kano on Monday that he had no regrets whatsoever for embarking on the initiative.

He reacted to criticisms by some members of the opposition in the state that the he was honouring the dead instead of empowering his living constituents.

“I have no regrets whatsoever purchasing and donating burial materials to my constituents,for I did not use constituency project money to buy them; I used my personal money,” he said.

“Furthermore, the gesture is a tradition in my family as I grew up witnessing my Father carrying it out. And even before I became Senator so many people knew me with the gesture, and when I became Senator, some groups of persons came requesting that I should purchase materials for them to maintain their Graveyards. Senator Hanga explained.

“And I decided to spread the gesture to all the 15 Local Government Areas of my Constituency. Apart from the purchase and donation of clay pots and other burial materials, I delivered a lot of other dividends of democracy to his constituents.he stated.

Ahmad Sorondinki in Kano

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