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Salihu Lukman: Tinubu Talking Like A Philosopher King

“When that happens, it narrows the capacity of the president to listen to what people are saying and It’s quite worrisome.”

Joining a discussion with ARISE NEWS on Monday, former National Vice Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Salihu Lukman expressed concern over the performance of President Asiwaju Tinubu so far in office, which has impacted the nation.

Speaking on how well the President has delivered on the promises that he made during his inauguration speech about a year ago, Lukman said that in order for the agenda of Renewed Hope to succeed, the government would need to employ an engagement strategy that would ensure that the citizens are carried along in the plans of the government and are supportive of it.

He appealed to the president, to give attention to what the people are saying.

“Part of my expectation is that in translating the Renewed Hope agenda into policies of government, the president Asiwaju Tinubu administration will introduce a kind of engagement strategy with Nigerians so that Nigerians are able to own the policies and ensure that whatever government is doing, Nigerians are supportive of it. 

“Now, frankly speaking, achieving all of that will require really having an inclusive government, a government that opened itself up for engagement, a government that has clear strategy of engaging organized groups including labor. 

“I think the beauty of democracy is really about people having a say in what government is doing.

“I have made several appeals to the president to open himself up. President Asiwaju in particular seems to be talking more like a philosopher king, as somebody who has all the absolute knowledge of what the solution is and when that happens, it narrows the capacity of the president to listen to what people are saying and It’s quite worrisome.”

He also urged the government to be more active and strategic with regards to addressing issues in the country, instead of acting on impulse.

“In terms of strategy, in terms of how to strengthen the hands of government to deal with some of the emerging dynamics that are happening across the country, no meeting is taking place, only some very low voice appeals from government officials and I don’t think that is healthy. I think government need to wake up. President Asiwaju needs to wake up to the fact that we need to go back to the main issue of translating the renewed hope agenda document into a clear policy plan, not just isolated impulsive decisions as it’s turning out to be now.”

He however, expressed his faith in the president, saying that he believes Tinubu will deliver.

“We must continue to push for the president Asiwaju who we campaigned for. We campaigned for a president Asiwaju who is really a strategist, who is known to be a talent hunter, and he demonstrated that in Lagos and he has put in a plan which is working in Lagos. We are hoping for that particular person who we committed ourselves to and who till today, we still believe can show up and begin to put things in the right place and deliver within the record time that is being expected.”

Melissa Enoch

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