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Sacked UK Home Secretary Braverman Launches Scathing Attack on PM Sunak

She claimed she struck a secret deal to serve in Sunak’s cabinet, exchanging her support for a series of commitments.

In a scathing letter to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, former Home Secretary Suella Braverman has launched a blistering attack, accusing him of repeated failures on key policies and breaking promises on immigration. Braverman’s broadside comes on the eve of a crucial Supreme Court ruling on the government’s Rwanda plan, a flagship policy for which she expressed unwavering support.

Braverman claimed she struck a secret deal to serve in Sunak’s cabinet, exchanging her support for a series of commitments after Liz Truss’s premiership collapsed last year. She emphasised her pivotal role in securing Tory MPs’ support for Sunak to enter No 10. The former home secretary argued that compromises during the passage of the Illegal Migration Act left the Rwanda policy vulnerable to legal challenges under the European Convention of Human Rights.

Highlighting Sunak’s “magical thinking” and lack of a credible Plan B, Braverman warned that a Supreme Court ruling against the government would mean a wasted year on the flagship law to combat small boat crossings. She accused Sunak of failing to address the rising antisemitism and extremism on the streets, urging legislation to ban hate marches.

In response, a No. 10 spokesman thanked Braverman for her service but defended Sunak’s strong team, emphasising the government’s commitment to tackling illegal migration. Braverman’s sacking on Monday, following her comments on pro-Palestinian marches, added another layer to the ongoing Tory infighting.

The letter, revealing a document with clear terms that Braverman claims Sunak agreed to, outlines the conditions for her becoming home secretary. The alleged betrayal of this agreement, according to Braverman, represents a breach of promises to the nation. Labour’s Lisa Nandy dismissed the letter as part of a Tory psychodrama, portraying internal conflicts that impact the country.

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