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Russian Freight Train Derailed Due To ‘Outside Interference’

A freight train derailment in Russia has been attributed to “outside interference” according to officials.

A freight train derailment and a diesel fuel tank fire in Russia’s Volgograd region have been attributed to “outside interference,” officials reported on Tuesday.

Russian Railways stated on its website that unauthorised individuals tampered with railway operations at Kotluban station, causing the train cars to derail. “As a result of interference by unauthorised persons into the operation of railway transport, cars of a freight train derailed at the Kotluban station,” it said.

Fortunately, initial reports indicated no injuries, but train services in the Kotluban station vicinity were suspended temporarily.

“According to preliminary information, there were no injuries. At this time, train traffic in the area of the Kotluban station is suspended”, the railway website further added.

The incident also led to a fire involving the storage tank containing diesel fuel and several lumber-laden cars. The blaze was promptly extinguished, according to Russia’s RIA state news agency, citing the emergency ministry.

Questions lingered about whether the event was connected to Russia’s conflict in Ukraine. Kyiv has previously claimed responsibility for sabotage attacks on Russia’s railway infrastructure, aiming to disrupt military logistics, including far from the front lines in the ongoing 27-month war.

Ukraine contends that targeting Russia’s military, transportation, and energy infrastructure serves to counter Moscow’s war efforts and retaliate against Russia’s numerous deadly assaults on Ukrainian infrastructure.

Melissa Enoch

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