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Russia Warns US of ‘Unpredictable Consequences’ If It Sends Patriot Missile Systems to Ukraine

The Russian embassy in Washington said sending the Patriot missile system would be considered “provocative.”

Russia has warned the U.S. that if it sends Patriot missile systems to Ukraine it will consider the move a provocation that could lead to “unpredictable consequences.”

The Biden administration is finalizing plans to send a Patriot missile system to Ukraine, three Defense officials told NBC News earlier this week. The surface-to-air defense system would help Ukraine repel Russian aerial attacks and President Zelenskyy has long called for such weaponry to help Ukraine defend itself against repeated missile attacks.

The Russian embassy in Washington warned in a statement on Telegram Wednesday that sending the Patriot missile system would be considered “provocative.”

“An information campaign has been launched in the United States on a possible future shipment of modern air defense systems to Kiev. It is said that President Biden may soon take such a decision.” the statement from the Russian embassy noted.

“If this is confirmed, we will witness yet another provocative step by the administration, which can lead to unpredictable consequences.”

The embassy claimed that, even without delivery of the Patriot systems, “the United States is increasingly drawn into the conflict in the post-Soviet republic, saying that the “weapons flow” to Ukraine was increasing and that the U.S. was helping Ukraine in terms of intelligence and military training.

The Kremlin said Wednesday that it would consider Patriot missile defense systems as a legitimate target for Russian strikes if they are sent to Ukraine.