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Repentant Boko Haram Terrorists Decry Living Conditions

They asked the government to provide better security and to prioritize their welfare.

Repentant Boko Haram Terrorists Decry Living Conditions

Repentant Boko Haram terrorists have decried their living conditions as well as raised concerns about their integration into society.

Following the massive surrender of the Boko Haram Terrorists in the past 2 years, the repentant insurgents have raised concerns as they have been enduring poor living conditions.

A former terrorist commander, Bukar Mala, lamented the quality of food given to them, saying, “We are currently confronted with a significant issue concerning our food situation. The quality of the food provided to us here falls far below what we received during my time at the barracks. It has become increasingly challenging to consume the meals provided. In light of this, I urge the government to prioritize our welfare and consider providing us with the necessary capital to establish our own businesses.”

Umar Bashir, another repentant terrorist who played a prominent role in the terrorist group, shared that they did not have proper security in the camp as he said, “Having responded to the government’s plea to disarm, I find myself in a perilous situation. I am currently under the threat of death by the active combatants in the bush. The accusation against me is that my leadership resulted in the surrender of numerous individuals, leading to a significant decline in our kingdom’s power. Their intention is to execute this plan by dispatching an assassin to end my life. In light of these circumstances, I urgently appeal to the government for protection and security measures to ensure my safety.”

However, Ahmed Shehu, the Chairman of the North East Civil Society, said “I am involved in the process where everytime before they are released, I used to engage them, listen to them. So, what is currently missing, I think, is a framework where aggressive engagement and then monitoring and then evaluating the processes of these repentants is very important looking at their numbers.”

The insurgents have called on the government to help them in their situation, so as to ensure that they do not return to the forests and operate in terrorist activities after being rehabilitated.

Ozioma Samuel-Ugwuezi

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