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Ramaphosa: South Africans Have Spoken, They Are Tired Of Bickering Among Political Parties

President Cyril Ramaphosa has pledged to collaborate with all political parties to achieve a unified and prosperous South Africa.

The President of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa, has urged opposition political parties in South Africa to work together with his government to put the South African citizens first and tackle the issues that are besieging the country.

Ramaphosa said this at his inauguration speech after he was sworn in as the President of South Africa for his second term.

In his speech, Ramaphosa said that the people of South Africa have spoken about what they want as a country, and that his administration will prioritise the needs of the people so as to build inclusiveness and a stronger economy in the nation.

The President said, “We do affirm our resolute quest to build a growing and inclusive economy that creates jobs, offers opportunities and livelihoods to all our people. We rededicate ourselves to the task of democratic renewal and social and economic transformation so that no one feels and is left behind.

“And so, as we enter another era in the life of our nation, the resilience of our democracy has once more been tested, and the people have spoken loudly that they want democracy over conflict, violence, and democratic and unconstitutional methods. In their multitudes, in the voices that are many and diverse, the people of South Africa have voted and have made known their wishes, their concerns and their aspirations. We accept and respect the results of the elections, and once again we say, yes, the people of South Africa have spoken, and we accept. Their will shall be done without any doubt or any question.”

Further recounting what he believes the people of South Africa want, Ramaphosa said, “They have expressed appreciation of the progress in many areas of their lives over the past 30 years of democracy. They have also been unequivocal in expressing their disappointment and disapproval of our performance of some of the areas in which we have failed them. They want a transformed, growing, and inclusive economy that creates jobs for millions of job seekers and offer business opportunities to entrepreneurs in our nation- women, children, men, young and old. The people have been clear about what they want.

“They want the South Africa in which all may find shelter in our democratic constitution and may find protection in our courts. They have described a country in which all may rise above the circumstances of their birth, nurtured by loving families, aided by a caring state, and empowered by initiative, will and hard work. Through their votes, they have made clear that they want the basic necessities of a life that is comfortable, happy, healthy and secure.”

He went on to say, “The people have demanded an end to the theft of the public funds and the capture of the state. Above all, the people of South Africa have stressed that they are impatient with political bickering and the endless blame game amongst politicians and political parties. They want us to put their needs and aspirations first, and they want us to work together for the sake of our country.

“Today, I stand before you as your humble servant to say that we have heard you. As the President of the Republic of South Africa, I will work with everyone to reach out and work with every political party and sector that is willing to contribute to finding solutions to the challenges our country faces as we transition to a new decade of freedom.”

Further reiterating his commitment to building a united South Africa, Ramaphosa said, “In our brilliant diversity as South Africans, we gather to affirm our solemn conviction that this country belongs to all who live in it, as articulated in the freedom charter almost 70 years ago. We gather here as the people born of the same soil across our 9 provinces that make up our unitary South Africa, determined that by our deeds, we shall heal the divisions of our past and overcome the ongoing inequalities and hardships of the present. We declare to all to know that neither discord nor dissent shall cause us to cast aside that which calls us to build a united, free, just, equal and prosperous nation.

“On this day, we accept by solemn oath the will of the people of this country. We affirm our unwavering fidelity to the constitution of the Republic of South Africa, which is based on the enduring vision that sets out the values inscribed in the freedom charter.”

“Today, my fellow South Africans, is no ordinary day. It is a moment of fundamental consequence in the life of our nation. It is a moment where we must choose to either move forward together or risk losing all we have built. In this moment, we must choose to move forward- to close the distances between South Africans and to build a more equal society. To translate the promise of our constitution and the vision of the freedom charter into a reality for all,” he said.

Ozioma Samuel-Ugwuezi

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