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President-Elect Tinubu: I Shall Be A Fair Leader to All Nigerians

“Whether you are Batified, Atikulated, Obidient, Kwankwasiyya, or have any other political affiliation, you voted for a better, more hopeful nation and I thank you for your participation and dedication to our democracy.” he said.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the President-Elect of Nigeria addressed Nigerians in his acceptance speech as the newly elected President of Nigeria in the early hours of Wednesday, March 1.

Tinubu expressed his gratitude to the people of Nigeria who voted him into power saying, “I am profoundly humbled that you have elected me to serve as the 16th president of our beloved republic. 

“This is a shining moment in the life of any man and affirmation of our democratic existence. From my heart, I say thank you.

“Today, you have given me the greatest honour you can bestow on one man. In return, I will give you my utmost as your next president and commander-in-chief. 

“Peace, unity and prosperity shall be the cornerstones of the society we intend to build. 

“When you gaze upon what we shall accomplish in the coming years, you shall speak with pride at being a Nigerian.

 “Together, we shall build a brighter and more productive society for today, tomorrow and for years to come.”

Tinubu, in his speech, made sure to acknowledge the people who took part in the electoral process, ranging from his political opponents – Atiku Abubakar, Peter Obi, Rabiu Kwankwaso – to his campaign committee, to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), to the citizens of Nigeria who came out in their numbers to vote in this historic election. 

“To my fellow candidates, former VP Atiku, former governor Kwankwaso, former governor Obi and all others, I extend the hand of friendship. This was a competitive, high-spirited campaign. You have my utmost respect.

“We commend INEC for running a free and fair election. The lapses that did occur were relatively few in number and were immaterial to the final outcome.  With each cycle of elections, we steadily perfect this process so vital to our democratic life.”

“I thank the Nigerian people for their abiding belief in our democracy. I shall be a fair leader to all Nigerians. I will be in tune with your aspirations, charge up your energies and harness your talents to deliver a nation that we can be proud of.”

Tinubu also addressed the fact that while there may be grievances within the other parties due to election results, the law should be used to settle disputes and violence should be avoided at all costs, saying,

 “I know some candidates will be hard put to accept the election results. It is your right to seek legal recourse. What is neither right nor defensible is for anybody to resort to violence. Any challenge to the electoral outcome should be made in a court of law, and not in the streets.”

He then acknowledged Nigerian youths, saying, “Now, to you, the young people of this country, I hear you loud and clear. I understand your pains, your yearnings for good governance, a functional economy and a safe nation that protects you and your future. I am aware that for many of you, Nigeria has become a place of abiding challenges limiting your ability to see a bright future for yourselves. Remodelling our precious national home requires the harmonious efforts of all of us, especially the youth. Working together, we shall move this nation as never before.”

Ozioma Samuel-Ugwuezi