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Pope Francis Once Again Urges End to Conflict in the Middle East and Ukraine

Pope Francis restated his call for peace in the Middle East and Ukraine during St. Peter’s Square address.

Pope Francis

On Sunday, Pope Francis reiterated his plea for peace in the Middle East and Ukraine, urging against the temptation of war.

Speaking to a crowd in St. Peter’s Square, he prayed for an end to the suffering in Palestine, Israel, and war-torn Ukraine.

He said, “I renew my appeal not to give in to the logic of claiming war. I pray every day for peace in Palestine and Israel and I hope that these two people can soon stop suffering and let us not forget the martyred Ukraine that suffers so much because of the war”.

Regional tensions escalated with the recent Israel-Hamas conflict, resulting in devastating consequences and the killing of more than 33,900 people.

Melissa Enoch

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