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Peter Mbah: We Will Positively Disrupt the Current Revenue Model in Enugu


The governor-elect of Enugu State, Peter Mbah, has outlined his plans for the improvement of the state’s economy.

Mbah, in an interview with ARISE News on Friday, explained that although Enugu was in debt, he planned to improve State’s economy as well as build beneficial infrastructure for the State. He said, “We are going to disrupt the current revenue model positively. We will have to unlock our rural economy. We have to explore the resources that we have in the state which we haven’t done in the past.”

The governor-elect stated that they plan to work on many sectors in the state, including the agricultural as well as the mining and energy sector in order to generate revenue. He explained that the agricultural sector would be transformed by saying, “Agriculture is going to be migrated from just being an agriculture sector to agriculture and agro-allied industrial sector. We want to attract commercial farmers.” 

He also said that along with his team, they will explore better possibilities in the energy and mining sectors, as these sectors had not been explored for some time in the state. He explained that this will enable the State to use these sectors to their full potential and gain revenue.

Speaking on his reason for wanting to change the current revenue model, Mbah said, 

“The current revenue module that focuses on the fact and IGR, they have served their maximum potential. So, in order for us to be able to do the things we have promised our people, we have to re-tweak that model.”

In his acceptance speech, Peter Mbah made promised of several facilities and infrastructure, including water in all communities in Enugu State within 180 days. During the interview, he said that some of these plans are already underway. He revealed that his plan was “to make Enugu state the preferred destination for development and business,” saying that no one would want to invest in a place that guarantees no return, so he planned to build up Enugu State to be such a place where business will be attracted to, boosting the economy.

When asked about his opponents in the governorship election, Mbah said that he was extending and olive branch, and asked that they all come together to work for the good of Enugu citizens. He said that he was committed to the growth of the state, and that is the purpose that all the candidates have in common, and that should be used by them to work together in order to move the state forward.

Ozioma Samuel-Ugwuezi

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