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Peruvian President Under Investigation Amid Family Scandal

The president of Peru is under investigation for dissolving a special police force in charge of probing her brother.

In a stunning turn of events, Peruvian authorities have initiated a formal investigation into President Dina Boluarte’s actions surrounding the disbandment of a special police force that had been assigned to investigate her brother, Nicanor Boluarte, who was apprehended earlier in the day.

Nicanor Boluarte and the president’s lawyer were arrested as part of a probe into alleged influence peddling. This latest development only adds to the mounting pressure on the embattled leader, who is already under scrutiny for questionable acquisitions of luxury items, including pricey Rolex watches and jewelry.

The investigation, led by Peru’s attorney general’s office, is focusing on potential abuse of authority by President Boluarte and Interior Minister Walter Ortiz for their role in dissolving the police unit. Attorney General Juan Carlos Villena emphasized the urgency of the situation, demanding the immediate reinstatement of the unit during a government briefing earlier today.

The day unfolded with dramatic raids on more than 20 properties, including the Lima residence of Nicanor Boluarte, who stands accused of orchestrating a criminal network that influences high-level appointments within the government. Simultaneously, authorities descended upon the home of Mateo Castaneda, the president’s lawyer, who is providing legal counsel in the ongoing investigation into alleged illicit enrichment.

Despite vehement denials from Boluarte, the justice department has ordered him and other unnamed suspects to remain in preliminary detention for 10 days.

As Nicanor Boluarte was escorted to a judicial facility, he maintained his innocence, adamantly denying any wrongdoing. “I am innocent… I deny absolutely everything,” he proclaimed.

The unfolding crisis highlights the fragility of Peru’s political landscape, marred by chronic instability and rampant corruption. With six presidents in as many years and a recurring cycle of corruption probes and impeachments, the Andean nation finds itself at a crossroads, grappling with deep-seated governance challenges that threaten its democratic foundations.

Melissa Enoch

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