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PDP’s Petition Consistently Inconsistent, Says Ebonyi Governor Nwifuru

He advised petitioners to forget litigation and join forces with him in moving the state forward.

Governor of Ebonyi State Nwifuru Francis has come out to speak on the situation surrounding his recent confirmation as governor of the state after the election tribunal hearing on Wednesday.

Nwifuru was affirmed as governor despite petitions raised against him by both the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) to prove the governor’s disqualification. Petitions from APGA raised were concerning allegations stating the governor did not resign from his position in the PDP before decamping and that he still held a speakership position in the party. The PDP had allegations that the governor had not left their party despite taking him to court previously to confirm that he is  not a member of the party. All petitions were dismissed.

According to Governor Nwifuru in an ARISE NEWS interview on Thursday, the results were evident and he believed that the decision of the tribunal was correct and that the parties had no jurisdiction to bring the cases to the tribunal due to the fact that there were no constitutional requirements for it.

“I have said it times without number that it is our judges and courts that face trial because I believe parties know the truth but they decided to take it to the court and that is why sometimes, some people say they got injustice in the court. You can’t take injustice to the court and still expect justice. It’s what you ask that the court will give you.

“Like the court said, The PDP has become consistently inconsistent on this matter. Why should you take somebody to court for leaving your party? And you won the case in the court. Then you come again and take the person to court that he did not leave your party. Why should you do that?

The governor confirmed that his resignation was endorsed by both the party chairman and secretary which he filed in federal high court in Ebonyi before he was sued. The court stated that they lacked jurisdiction to take the case but gave its merit on the case.

He further stated, “I urged many of them yesterday in a press brief, that it’s better for us to join hands together in building Ebonyi, than to believe that we can venture into litigation at all time. The worst thing one can do is venture into a business you don’t know because people will use you for gain.”

The PDP has made clear their plans to further the petition to the supreme court.

The governor has decided to place his focus on more pressing issues of the state as it ranks low in the educational standards. He stated that more practical approaches need to be taken in the educational sector for raising its standards in teachers and students. He assured that he would leverage his political position to ensure this.

“I am part of the sector and I understand what politics can give.”

Glamour Adah

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