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PDP NEC Meeting: No Individual Is Bigger Than The Party, Says Ologunagba

Debo Ologunagba addresses expectations regarding disciplinary measures against PDP members who opposed the party in the past election.

Following the National Executive Council (NEC) meeting of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), the National Publicity Secretary of PDP, Debo Ologunagba has addressed the disparity in expectations regarding disciplinary measures against party members who opposed the party in the previous election and the party’s deliberations during the NEC meeting.

He made it clear during an interview with ARISE NEWS on Friday that although disciplinary measures against Nyesom Wike, and the members of the G5 who frustrated the party during the 2023 general elections were not discussed during the NEC meeting, it doesn’t mean that any individual is bigger than the party.

“The PDP is bigger than an individual. It is an institution and it is 25 years old. To come with the background that an individual is bigger than the party will not be completely correct. This party tries to work on processes and tries to ensure that the principle of democracy exists in all its processes.

He further said that the NEC meeting is not the place for such conversations around party defaulters to be had, adding that discussions around that were had during a caucus meeting held a night before the NEC meeting.

The secretary assured that the party is in the process of reconciliation and is following party processes to take disciplinary measures against defaulters.

“In my briefing yesterday, we mentioned specifically that the reconciliation and the disciplinary committee of the party is being reconstituted.

“The NEC of the party is not where you discuss the details of what happened. The night before, we had a caucus of the party. The caucus had a detailed conversation of this. And it was those conversations that brought about the recommendation and the agenda proposal to the NEC. Those issues were thoroughly discussed. Of course we won’t discuss the issue about who did what and who did not do what at a NEC meeting. What we did is to set up the apparatus for that.

“If we do reconciliation or disciplinary procedure, there are processes. It’s not under the Kleig light, It is not in the setting where you have over 500 people. That’s why we set up the reconciliation. PDP is a party of process. PDP is a party of programme, of constitution and we try meticulously to follow that process. We know that the moment we have those reports there will be further consideration and necessary steps will be taken in the right direction. Not because we just want to punish people but because we think we must hold people accountable, that we must begin to build this party and ensure that we have processes that are clear and that people are members of the party can understand it and know that it’s in the interest of the party and the individuals to ensure that they abide by the principles enshrined in the constitution and the provisions and of course the policies and programs of the party.

“We did discuss those details at a lower level where more detailed information was received and of course those reports will be referred to the appropriate committees. The anti party was not just at the national level. there were other issues at different states at different levels. Of course it will take time. The attendance at the meeting yesterday points to one fact, the fact that this party is organic, this party is truly a representation of Nigeria.

“Reconciliation is not a one day process. It’s not a 100 metre dash, it’s a marathon. Even in wars, countries still talk. You can’t preclude talking because somebody has hurt you so badly, then you won’t talk.”

Melissa Enoch

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