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 Ortom: I Have Forgiven Buhari, No Need For Him To Relocate To Niger Republic

He also said Benue State, under his administration, has never experienced any ethnicity or religious crisis due to his belief in equity for all.

Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom says although President Buhari’s administration took the country from top to Bottom, he has forgiven him and there is no need for him to relocate to Niger.

“For me, as a born again Christian, i have forgiven President Mohammadu Buhari. He has taken us from top to bottom but that does not mean we should continue to hold it on him. Thank God the constitution provides four years, after four years, you can go in for second term and then another person will come. 

“So, we hope that the incoming administration will provide succor, will provide security for our people and provide economic development and peace for our people. We have suffered for 8 years. For me, I have forgiven him. He doesn’t need to go to Niger, he should stay here with us and all of us should stay here and work with the incoming administration that God will put in place and by the grace of God, we shall move again from bottom to top”. He said

Ortom also said that even though he knows that how much money that was given to the people Benue for him to lose election, he said he has accepted it as the will of God and does not see a reason to go to court. 

“I know how much that was given to Benue state to ensure that I lose election; fine and good. God has permitted it and I have accepted it and I have accepted to move on. i have also accepted that if another person comes, I should support that person. If they need my support, I will always be there and if they don’t need it, I will go back to my farm and my business and I can even be a freelance journalist” He said

He also said Benue state, under his administration, has never experienced any ethnicity or religious crisis due to his belief in equity for all.

Governor Ortom also said the Benue state volunteer guards have achieved a milestone, as they have helped in arresting bandits, robbers and other forms of local criminality that goes on in the state.

He however, said It is unfortunate that “the Federal Government seem to be complicit” in the manner the herdsmen are killing the people of Benue.

“But it is unfortunate and that is what I have been saying since 2016 when I came in as the governor of Benue state that the federal government seem to be complicit in the manner the herdsmen are killing our people. I have interfaced with the federal authorities, Mr. president, I had sat with him and I brought these things before him, but his thinking s different from the way I thought we should have been able to handle this matter because ethe truth is that when you allow the Fulani herdsmen to carry AK47 and then allow the local people and even the community volunteer guard, I think the least they have is a pump action. But you know a one hundred community volunteer guard can not confront two people from the Fulani herdsmen with AK47. 

“That was what led me to apply to the president and the federal government to also permit us to at least allow the community volunteer guards to be armed with automatic weapons so that they can truly confront these herdsmen who are creating terror and pains in our people.

“But unfortunately, when we applied, we were told that those weapons are prohibited for citizens to carry. They cannot allow us license to have them. But the challenge I have with the federal government response to my request to automatic weapons for my community volunteer guards is that why are they allowing Fulani herdsmen to carry these weapons? Where have they arrested these Fulani men, taken them to court and prosecuted them? That is the challenge I have” 

He also expressed hope that the incoming government will change things and move the country from bottom back to the top.

Chioma Kalu

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