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Nollywood Director Amao’s Film ‘Troublous Weekend’ Premieres on YouTube

Nollywood Director Amao’s film, “Troublous Weekend,” is expected to debut on Prime Video later this year.

In the latest addition to Nigeria’s film industry, Nollywood, comes a gripping thriller titled “Troublous Weekend,” a directorial debut by Nigerian filmmaker, Olatunbosun Amao. The film boasts a stellar cast including Stan Nze and Anthony Monjaro, promising viewers an electrifying cinematic experience.

Premiering on the widely-accessible streaming platform YouTube, “Troublous Weekend” not only showcases the talents of its leading actors but also features Merit Simon, Vivian Pius, Stanley Okoro, Chizzy Olisa, and Kenechukwu Eze in supporting roles, adding depth to its narrative.

The Movie spins the tale of Jason Adams, portrayed by Stan Nze, the sole heir of affluent parents, and his girlfriend Betty, played by Chinelo Enemchukwu, as they embark on what should have been a relaxing getaway at Jason’s grandmother’s abode. Joining them are Jason’s cousin Ken, played by Anthony Monjaro, and Ken’s girlfriend Isabel, portrayed by Crystabel Goddy.

However, what was meant to be a weekend of celebration and perhaps a proposal soon takes a dark turn as the group encounters unexpected twists and turns. The revelation of the grandmother’s mysterious absence, communicated by the new maid Zina, sets an ominous tone, shattering the anticipated calmness.

Amao has established himself as a figure in the Nigerian film industry and has also served as a producer on multiple films, including, Black Mail and A Different Lens. A Different Lens (2021), garnered widespread acclaim, clinching multiple awards including the prestigious Jury Award for Best Short in North America at the Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival. The film also earned recognition at esteemed festivals such as the Venice Shorts Festival in California, USA, and the Sweden Film Awards.

The film is also expected to debut on Prime Video later this year.

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