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No Faction in Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Says Iwuanyanwu

Those advertising division in Ohanaeze Ndigbo are economic adventurers, says President General Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu.

The President General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide, Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu has clarified that there is no faction in the leadership of the ethnic nationality.

The retired politician and prominent businessman said those who are advertising division in the organisation are economic adventurers who are seeking means to exploit money from the enemies of the Igbos 

Iwuanyanwu who spoke with journalists yesterday in Port Harcourt, during his first official visit to Rivers state after assuming the office of president general, cautioned the public against listening to those he described as imposters who are bent on causing disunity among the Igbos.

He said: “The story of faction is funny, there is no faction. Myself Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Iwuanyanwu, I am the President General, unanimously elected by all the people. The first time everybody supported one person, that is me. Five governors from South East, all the people.

“There are some people who make money by this faction, they are just using it to make money. For instance, if Ohanaeze takes decision on an issue, they go and take money from enemies of Ohanaeze and write something and claimed is Ohanaeze. Is a criminal matter because they know they never contested an election. They are economic adventurers”.

Meanwhile, the President General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo has eulogies the Igbo ethnic nationality across the country for their patriotic efforts in nation building.

Noting that the Igbos are scattered across local government areas in Nigeria, Iwuanyanwu said the ethnic people contributes more to the Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) and GDP of several states in the country than any other ethnic group.

“We have our people all over the world. People have come to accept that Igbos are good neighbours. When they come to a place, they participates with all honesty in developing the place. When they make money in a place, they don’t carry the money to Igbo land, they invest it there in developing the land with business and houses, and that I think the Igbos should be complimented for that.

“Apart from where we live, Igbos are people who are very adventurous and their businesses are spread all over the country, they are very loyal and faithful and honest people. And wherever they live, they pursue their occupation and businesses, they also contribute massively to the development of that areas. 

“It is clear from the records that no ethnic group in Nigeria that contributes more to the IGR and GDP of various governments in the country than the Igbos. The stay their and develop the place”.

He reiterated the organisation commitment in the protection of the Igbos in the country and across the globe.

Iwuanyanwu said he was in the state to remind the Igbo people that organisation has their interest and plights at heart, and is committed to protecting them at all cost, saying that the Ohanaeze Ndigbo as a policy of the Igbos, was established by the collective desire to protect Igbo people.

He also pledged to collaborate with relevant stakeholders to prevent the predicted extinction of the Igbo language by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), stressing the importance of taking proactive measures to sustain the cultural heritage of the Igbo people.

The business mogul expressed the believe that it will be a problem if the Igbo leaders fold their arms and do nothing to sustain their culture and language.

“Ohanaeze is a structure established by the Igbos to defend our people when they face any serious hostility or aggression which most of the time is due to their successes. 

“Igbos believe in the rule of law and we advised that no one should go into crime, but if any Igbo person is being attacked and treated unjustly, Ohanaeze will rise to protect that person, we will rise to the challenge,” Iwuanyanwu warned.

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