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Nigerian Navy Chief Addresses 53rd Pakistan Navy Staff Course Participants

The Nigerian Navy and the Pakistani Navy are working to strengthen their bilateral relations in the maritime sector.

In a display of the enduring partnership between the Nigerian and Pakistani navies, Chief of the Naval Staff, Vice Admiral Emmanuel Ikechukwu Ogalla, delivered a lecture to the participants of the 53rd Pakistan Navy Staff Course on Wednesday, March 27, 2024.

Conducted virtually via Zoom, the lecture titled “Challenges and Opportunities for the Nigerian Navy in the Twenty-First Century” served as a platform for insightful discourse. Participants from the Pakistani Navy War College (PNWC) engaged in interactive discussions, seeking clarification on recent achievements of the Nigerian Navy (NN).

The engagement not only fostered a deeper understanding of maritime challenges but also contributed to strengthening bilateral relations between Nigeria and Pakistan within the global maritime domain.

Highlighting the robust nature of the naval relationship, various exchange programs have been instituted between the two nations. In February 2024, participants from the PNWC embarked on a study tour to Nigeria, visiting key naval installations such as the Headquarters Western Naval Command and other bases in the Lagos area.

Moreover, a consistent exchange of Directing Staff (DS) between both naval colleges has been instrumental in promoting intellectual discourse on maritime affairs. 

Examples include Cdre CU Yahaya’s visit to the PNWC for a two-week DS exchange program in 2021, followed by Commander Bashir Shazad’s reciprocal visit to the Naval War College Nigeria in September 2022. Most recently, Commodore SM Tasiu of the Nigerian Navy spent two weeks at the PNWC in January 2024.

Ozioma Samuel-Ugwuezi 

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