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Nigerian Catholic Knights Express Concern Over Economic Hardships, Ask Government To Urgently Address Situation

The KSJI President said it is unhealthy that average Nigerian citizens can’t feed themselves.

The Order of the Knights of St. John International (KSJI) has warned the government to take all necessary steps to pull the nation out of its current economic crisis as soon as possible, expressing concern over the potentially disastrous effects of the current economic hardship in the nation continuing into the upcoming year.

Due to the country’s high currency exchange rate, inflation, and the vertical rise in refined petroleum product pump prices, Nigeria has been experiencing increasingly severe economic hardship and income poverty. As a result, the Supreme Subordinate (National) President of Nigeria (SSP), Knights of St John International (KSJI), Maj. Gen. (Professor) Remy Uche, recommended that the government should implement accurate socioeconomic programmes and policies that will swiftly address the dire situation early next year.

Professor Uche made this recommendation while giving a Christmas message to Nigeria, stating that in light of the nation’s current economic difficulties, serious economic planning was now necessary in order to take the necessary steps to quickly improve the situation and make a huge leap forward.

The KSJI President then said the suffering worsened months ago when a new system of refined petroleum product pump pricing appeared, and it hasn’t improved since then.

He went on to say that it is unhealthy for even the typical citizen of the nation to find it so difficult to feed themselves.

Uche, who also serves as the Dean of the Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO)’s Faculty of Engineering, raised concern over the situation’s potential consequences and urged the government to act quickly to improve the present standard of living.

He said, “The situation could be inimical to national peace and tranquillity, as it is capable of evoking implosion or avoidable nationwide uprising, hence government should take a fast approach to saving the condition.”

Men and women alike in the KSJI were then urged by the SSP to constantly exhibit excellent citizenship and live lives that are an inspiration to others.

In line with what the Christmas season requires, he pushed them to live a life of generosity as well, giving to the underprivileged, Muslims, and followers of non-Christian faiths.

In order to demonstrate love for one another during this season, Prof. encouraged all Nigerians to accept one another’s shortcomings and religious differences.

Ozioma Samuel-Ugwuezi

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