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Nigeria Will Tackle Challenges in Power Sector, Says Minister Adelabu

“We must focus on generating enough energy to ensure we turn the country’s fortunes around.”

Nigeria’s federal government has assured that the current challenges facing the nation’s power sector would be tackled headlong.

Minister of Power, Adebayo Adelabu gave the assurance on Sunday while speaking with newsmen on the sidelines of the nation’s 63rd Independence Anniversary at the State House, Abuja.

The minister, who explained that the people have suffered enough from the pains of the prevailing economic realities, called for patience with the assurance of better days ahead especially in the power sector.

According to him: “We are committed to making sure that we tackle this problem in the energy sector headlong. From all the segments, from generation to transmission to distribution, to ensure that we bring electricity to the door step of every household, every business, every institution and every industry.

“It is true that we have abundance of human resources, we are also blessed with abundance of natural mineral resources. All these can never be harnessed, can never be realized if there’s no energy. So we must focus on generating enough energy to ensure we turn the country’s fortunes around.”

On how soon stable electricity would be delivered to Nigerians, Adelabu said  “Let me be very frank with you, it will be premature of me, after five weeks in the office to come out and make some commitment, which are really not backed by any fact. What we’re doing now, what we’re trying to conclude is actually the diagnosis of the problem in my own sector. What are the causes? How do we move forward? What are the solutions that are workable? Not just any solution; realistic solutions that can actually give back to Nigerians dividends of democracy within the shortest possible time.

“What i can tell you is that before the end of this administration, Nigerians will start feeling the impact of this government. That’s the commitment I can make for now”.

Commenting specifically on the independence anniversary, the Minister said “Beyond the ceremonies, my take is that it calls for sober reflections. It’s not really so much about gaining independence, not so much of marking the 63rd Independence Anniversary ceremony, but how much have we been able to achieve in the past 63 years after independence.

“How much has every Nigerian been able to feel the impact of government in terms of socioeconomic growth of the country, what is the standard of living of a typical Nigerian? What is the cost of living? Are we really feeling like an independent country? Those are the questions that we need to ask ourselves after 63 years of independence.

“My consolation, however, is the fact that this administration is committed to improving the life of the average Nigerian, in terms of us benefiting from the dividends of democracy. The President is doing a lot and he has actually charged cabinet members to do everything possible in their respective sectors to ensure that the country is able to achieve its desired economic growth and industrial development so that all the sectors can live up to expectations.

“I’m using this opportunity of the anniversary to appeal to Nigerians to exercise some level of patience and understanding . We can feel their pains, they have suffered for too long, they have not felt the impact of government for too long, but this administration is committed to changing the course for good and I’m promising that for my own part, from the Federal Ministry of Power, we’re committed to ensuring that Nigerians are saved from the years energy poverty they have suffered.”

Deji Elumoye in Abuja