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Nigeria: FG Invites Labour Unions, Private Sector To Resume New Minimum Wage Negotiations on Friday

The federal government has extended an invitation to labour for the continuation of negotiations on new minimum wage on Friday.

Nigeria’s federal government has invited representatives of organized labour to a tripartite committee meeting to reach an agreement on the new minimum wage on Friday, May 31st.

The letter, signed by the Committee Secretary, Ekpo Nta, was sent to the leadership of both the Trade Union Congress (TUC) and the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), inviting ing them to a tripartite committee meeting on Friday. 

This development came after previous negotiations reached an impasse.

The scheduled meeting would be the seventh in the series of meetings by the committee, as members try to agree on what should be the new minimum wage.

Previous meetings on Tuesday failed to yield a consensus, highlighting the ongoing challenges as the Organised Labour rejected the ₦60,000 offer by the federal government.

For months, labour unions and the federal government were at odds, with a significant gap between their proposed figures.

Initially, labour demanded a substantial increase to ₦615,000, but they have since revised their request twice, most recently to ₦494,000.

Meanwhile, the government and the private sector offered significantly lower figures, starting at ₦48,000 and ₦54,000 respectively, which were swiftly rejected by labour.

Negotiations over a new minimum wage remain deadlocked as the May 31st deadline looms.

Boluwatife Enome

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