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Nigeria Expresses Delight Over Spain’s Interest in Its Music Industry

“I think Nigeria could create a very important component of the festivals in Spain,” said Folorunsho Coker.

Nigeria’s Federal Government has expressed delight over Spain’s interest in its music industry.

The Spanish government on Tuesday through it’s ambassador to Nigeria, Juan Sell indicated willingness to invest in Nigeria’s music industry following earlier collaboration in the country’s creative art industry.

The Director-General, Nigerian Tourism Development  Authority, Folorunsho Coker said Nigeria is indeed glad that the Western European country has shown introduce in investing in Nigeria’s music industry.

Speaking at a press conference on VIS A VIS, a flagship professional meeting between the African music industry and Spanish music producers which is also aimed at the internationalization of African music, Coker said with Nigeria as a creative hub in Africa, Spain has recognized the importance of the Nigerian music industry to its Gross Domestic Product.

He noted that: “This project will open up the potentials in the creative industry in Nigeria. So I would expect that shortly after this project, I will not be surprised to see Spanish businesses in this creative industry deciding to come and invest in the critical infrastructure for the music industry such as the recording studios, film studios etc.

“Spain recognises the importance of this creative industry to their GDP. If we can mutually benefit from this project, I think it will be a wonderful thing. Nigeria is the creative hub of Africa in music, film and fashion. I try as much as get the interest in all the mediums of our cultural expression on this one outing because I know this is a good way for me to project Nigeria not just music but using her music to project much more to Spain.”

“I think Nigeria could create a very important component of the festivals in Spain. It will attract even more Europeans to head to Spain on a continuous annual basis.”

Also speaking, the Ambassador of Spain to Nigeria, Juan Sell, said “I am particularly proud of this programme because it brings together a lot of things that we care a lot about.”

He said: “We truly believe this project can create a good collaboration between Nigeria and Spain in the field of music, and that would provide us with a very good platform to build upon it.”

Michael Olugbode in Abuja

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