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Mustapha Audu: You Cannot Migrate Everyone From APC To The Ministerial Positions

“If you have contributed your own quota, and you have not yet been rewarded, I seek your indulgence to be patient.”

Mustapha Audu, All Progressives Congress (APC) chieftain, has stated that individuals who have made their contributions but have not received ministerial positions should remain patient, as opportunities for positions will become available in due time.

President Bola Tinubu gave his endorsement to Dr. Jamila Bio Ibrahim as the Minister of Youth and Mr. Ayodele Olawande as the Minister of State within the ministry. This announcement was made by the Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Ajuri Ngelale, on Sunday, noting that the Nigerian Senate will need to confirm these nominations for them to take effect.

Dayo Israel, the current national youth leader of the APC, who was the leading contender for the position, did not secure the nomination.

During an interview with ARISE NEWS on Monday, Audu underscored that there are numerous positions available for individuals who have put in significant effort but have not yet received recognition or awards.

He said, “If you have contributed your own quota, and you have not yet been rewarded, I seek your indulgence in being patient.

“You cannot migrate everyone from the APC to the ministerial positions.

“This message is to Dayo Israel and to all those around who have worked very hard, who have sacrificed, who have given their time and effort and have not yet been compensated or seen the reward that they believe that they deserve, I plead with you to be patient with the government, to be patient with all those around Mr President.”

Audu mentioned that the initial group of positions that have been filled doesn’t signify the conclusion of the process stating that, “We all cannot occupy the same position at the same time.”

He said that a lot of parastatals will be expiring making positions available for other critical stakeholders at the party and well-meaning Nigerians.

Audu further stated, “You don’t have to be from the party, but it is critical to reward the party first.

“When you have some people of competence, why look outside. You must look at the people first who helped give you success.”

The APC Chieftain stated that a political party possesses a vision, and when APC emerged victorious in the election, it did so based on a vision known as “Renewed Hope.”

He said, “You don’t want to bring strangers that don’t understand the value of ‘Renewed Hope.’ You want to bring people who have contributed their own quota to the success of the party, and who have helped bring the idea of the ‘Renewed Hope’ to Nigerians.

“If you bring strangers to occupy these positions, they are not going to do a good job.”

Furthermore, Audu spoke on the importance of the Minister of Youth, highlighting that this position has a far-reaching impact across various sectors such as agriculture, healthcare, humanitarian efforts, fintech, and many others.

He said, “By integrating these offices, by making them work together simultaneously, that will create many opportunities for the youth.”

According to Audu, there are numerous industries poised for revival, rejuvenation, and reinvention, providing ample opportunities for the younger generation to actively participate in the nation’s recovery efforts.

He also commended the current appointees to leadership roles, emphasising their ability to be inclusive, effectively execute their duties, and grasp the importance of collaborative teamwork.

Frances Ibiefo

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