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Morocco Announces Rehousing Programme For Earthquake-Hit Areas

Those left homeless would be given temporary refuge in structures designed to withstand cold and bad weather.

On Thursday, Morocco announced the commencement of an aid project to assist and rehouse occupants of about 50,000 structures destroyed in last week’s deadly earthquake.

Those left homeless would be given temporary refuge in “structures designed to withstand cold and bad weather, or in reception sites equipped with all the necessary amenities,” according to a statement issued by the royal office following a meeting presided over by King Mohamed VI.

Since it struck last Friday in Al-Haouz province, south of tourist hotspot Marrakesh, the magnitude 6.8 earthquake has killed about 3,000 people and wounded over 5,600 more.

The number of persons displaced by the earthquake, which destroyed multiple entire towns in Morocco’s Atlas mountain area, is unknown.

The royal office stated that 140,000 Dirhams, which is about $13,600, will be granted for entirely collapsed dwellings, as well as 80,000 Dirhams for partially collapsed properties.

Moroccan officials have also ordered 30,000 Dirhams (almost $3,000) in emergency relief to houses impacted by the accident, according to the statement.

It stated that this would be the first stage of a scheme that will cover 50,000 homes that had entirely or partially fallen as a result of the earthquake.

Morocco has permitted rescue teams from Spain, the United Kingdom, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates to come to its help, but has turned down requests from numerous other countries, including the United States, France, and certain Middle Eastern countries.

Glamour Adah