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Missing €750,000 Ring At Ritz Paris Found in Vacuum Cleaner

The Ritz has extended an offer of three additional nights to tue Malaysian businesswoman compensate for the inconvenience.

A €750,000 (approx. N638.5m) ring, reported missing at the Ritz hotel in Paris, has been discovered in a vacuum cleaner by security guards. The Malaysian businesswoman who owned the ring had filed a police complaint, suspecting an employee of theft. The Ritz security team found the ring among the dust in a vacuum bag on Sunday.

The guest, who had travelled to London on Friday, will now return to Paris to retrieve her ring. The Ritz has extended an offer of three additional nights to compensate for the inconvenience, though the guest is reportedly not planning to accept the offer.

In a statement to Le Parisien, the Ritz expressed gratitude for the meticulous work of the security guards, stating, “Thanks to the meticulous work of security guards, the ring was found this morning. We would like to thank the staff at the Ritz Paris who mobilised for this search and who work each day with integrity and professionalism.”

The businesswoman had informed the police that she left the ring on a table in her hotel room on Friday while she went shopping in the city. Upon her return, the ring was missing, leading to the suspicion of theft by an employee.

The police will hold onto the ring until the owner can collect it. This incident is not the first time that valuable items, particularly jewellery, have been reported missing at the Ritz Paris. In 2018, armed men seized over €4m (£3.5m) worth of merchandise from a jewellery shop inside the renowned establishment. Additionally, in the same year, a member of the Saudi royal family reported the theft of hundreds of thousands of pounds’ worth of jewellery from her hotel room suite.

Kiki Garba

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