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Minimum Wage: Nigeria Has A Propaganda Government Uninterested In Welfare Of the Common Man, Says Charly Boy

“In this country, we just have a bunch of hypocrites. It’s all deceit and lies,” Charly Boy says regarding government.

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As the back and forth over minimum wage negotiations continue between Labour unions and the government, with the government now proposing 62,000 naira, a 2,000 naira increment from their previous offer, many individuals have weighed in on the situation.

Social crusader, Charly Boy is one of the latest to air his opinion on the matter. In an interview with ARISE NEWS on Saturday, he called the Nigerian government a “propaganda government” that has no care for the welfare of the common man.

He made the statement while lamenting the pitiful situation of the country and the government’s inability to come up with a substantial figure as minimum wage. He said, “The people in power, the rulers and ruiners of this country no send the frustrated, the hopeless masses of this country. In this country, we just have a bunch of hypocrites. It’s all a bunch of deceit and lies. The government we have on ground today is a propaganda government. They are not interested in the welfare of the common man.

“These are people who are not thinking about you and me, who are not thinking about the pain of the masses. They don’t bloody care. They’re in it to build their own empires. Get that straight into your head.”

He added, “It’s all about money. It’s corruption. It’s because we have a demonic atmosphere. That’s how best I choose to describe it. It’s very demonic. 

“Rather than build institutions, they’re busy building their private empires. Is that what leadership is all about?”

The crusader therefore encouraged Nigerians to put their foot down and fight, given the government’s apparent indifference to the frustration of the masses. 

He said, “There is nothing encouraging in this country anymore until when we say enough is enough. And I keep wondering when will enough be enough?

“If we can’t fight for ourselves, then what is the point? The people, the rulers and the ruiners of Nigeria have demonstrated in very clear terms that they don’t have the pulse of the people. You can see the kind of funds, the kind of money being apportioned amongst them in this kind of hunger, in this kind of frustration and hopelessness.”

Charly Boy also mentioned that he had plans to mobilise bike men in the country to go into the streets and lend their voices in support of Labour, if their protest continued for longer. Unfortunately, his plans did not come to fulfillment as the strike ended sooner than he expected.

He stated, “Now that the government has said what they have said, let me see what NLC says. I did a post about a week and half ago and I said when this thing started, for some strange reason, I don’t know where I got the belief that maybe this is the turning point… I put out a post saying that if this protest continues in the next one week, that I will get up from where I am and mobilise 90% of the Nigerian bikers and okada people in this country and we’ll pour out on the street because that would have been a good time for everybody to fall out. I was praying fervently for that but it never came to pass. So, I’ll just say, we’ll give them one more try. But it’s for Nigerians to understand that there’s no pastor who can do any miracle for Nigeria to change.”

Additionally, he said, “What my people don’t understand, especially the youth of this country, is to get the fact that their future is in their hands. We are all in a very hopeless situation, so what is the fear?”

Melissa Enoch

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