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Martins: Ifeanyi Ubah May Have Left YPP For A Number Of Reasons, But Irreconcilable Differences Definitely Not One Of Them

“There is nothing rocking the party. The party is rock solid,” he said.

The Nigerian political landscape has been stirred by the recent defection of Senator Ifeanyi Ubah, representing Anambra South Senatorial Zone, from the Young Progressives Party (YPP) to the All Progressives Congress (APC). In his letter to the Senate, Ubah outlined reasons for his move, citing the APC’s leadership, President Tinubu’s fairness to the Igbo people, and the need to connect his constituency to the centre. However, speculation abounds, with some suggesting this move is a strategic positioning for the Anambra governorship election in 2025, while others tie it to Ubah’s ongoing court case with Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON) concerning an alleged 135 billion naira debt.

The YPP, in response, voiced their stance through Egbeola Wale Martins, the National Publicity Secretary, in an exclusive interview with Arise News. Martins asserted, “There is nothing rocking the party (YPP). The party is rock solid. Senator Ifeanyi Ubah may have left the party for a number of reasons, but irreconcilable differences is definitely not one of them.” He emphasised that Ubah was within his rights to move but warned against using the YPP as a pawn in his “political chess game.”

Martins expressed concerns about the injection of primordial sentiments such as ethnicity and religion into politics, highlighting the YPP’s commitment to bringing service to the people above all else. Responding to Ubah’s praise for the APC leadership, Martins remarked, “It will suffice to say that if the last 4 months are anything to go by, it’s a far departure from what we may have perceived before now.”

Regarding the possibility of legal action, Martins stated, “Are we going to court? That is entirely the prerogative of the NWC (National Working Committee)…” He underscored the symbiotic relationship between a party and its candidates in elections, indicating that the YPP was exploring the option of legal recourse.

Warning other parties, Martins declared, “They should beware because we will not take this lying low. There are a number of actions that we (YPP) are going to take in the coming days that would be audible to the deaf and it will be quite clear to everyone that we are not here to joke.”

As the political climate in Nigeria continues to heat up, Senator Ubah’s defection and the Young Progressive Party’s strong response hint at a tense and contested road ahead, setting the stage for potential legal battles and heightened political manoeuvring in the run-up to future elections. The nation awaits further developments, eager to see how these events will shape the country’s political landscape.

Kiki Garba.

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