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Libya’s Oil and Gas Minister Resumes Duties After Suspension

Libya’s oil and gas minister has resumed duties after a two-month suspension.

Libya’s oil and gas minister, Mohamed Oun, resumed work on Tuesday after a two-month suspension pending a legal investigation, according to a brief statement from the ministry.

Oun, who serves in the Government of National Unity in Tripoli, was temporarily suspended in March by the Administrative Control Agency (ACA). The ACA initiated an investigation citing “the presence of legal violations.” However, the specific details of these alleged violations were not disclosed, and the ACA could not be reached for further comment.

The ministry announced that the ACA lifted the suspension on May 12, following the conclusion of the investigation. A photo accompanying the announcement showed Oun back at his desk, diligently reviewing a dossier. The statement confirmed that the minister “has resumed his duties this morning.”

The ACA is responsible for overseeing government performance, including challenging public appointments and enhancing accountability within the government. This recent episode underscores the ACA’s role in maintaining oversight and ensuring legal compliance within Libya’s governmental operations.

Melissa Enoch

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