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Liberia Begins Manhunt For Runaway Suspects After $100m Drug Trial

The suspects disappeared after the Minister of Justice rejected their acquittal and ordered for them to be rearrested.

Following an unexpected acquittal by the trial jury, the authorities in Liberia claim to have lost all track of four suspected drug dealers connected to a $80 million (£100 million) cocaine shipment.

Security agents in Liberia last year, with help from the US and Brazil, successfully seized more than 500 kilograms of cocaine, making it one of the largest drug busts that the country had seen.

Four people from Liberia, Portugal, Lebanon, and Guinea-Bissau were detained when the cocaine shipment was seized. It was regarded as a key victory in Liberia’s struggle with drug traffickers. To the shock of many, a jury in Monrovia, the country’s capital, found them not guilty during the trial. The justice minister expressed his disapproval of the ruling and emphasized how it had exposed Liberia to international disgrace, and ordered for the rearrest of the suspects.

The acquitted suspects have now disappeared, dodging authorities’ efforts to find them. In order to find the fugitives and bring them to justice for their suspected role in the drug trafficking enterprise, Liberian authorities have begun a thorough manhunt.

Ozioma Samuel-Ugwuezi

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