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Lamidi Apapa: Peter Obi, Abure Responsible For The Attack On Me at Election Tribunal

He also denied the allegations of him sending out letters to withdraw Obi’s petition, and receiving money from an opposition party.

The acting National Chairman of the Labour Party, Lamidi Apapa has claimed that Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, and Julius Abure, are behind the attack that he fell victim to at the electoral tribunal court on Wednesday. 

In an interview with ARISE NEWS on Thursday, Apapa claimed that the attacks on him were sponsored by Julius Abure and Peter Obi. He claimed that Julius Abure had “They said Obi insisted that he will not recognise me as the acting National Chairman of the party.” He said that texts regarding this were sent around in a group chat, and that he was warned that if he (Apapa) showed up to court, he would be dealt with. He, however, still showed up for the tribunal, and the threats in the alleged messages were carried out. “That’s why I accused Peter Obi and Abure to have committed the act. Even if openly, they may say no, but with the way they behaved, and the way they have been behaving to me, confirming that he is the type of person that can do it that way.”

Apapa said that he went to the tribunal because it was his responsibility as the Acting Chairman to assert his authority as the leader of the party. He also said that he will return on the next date for Obi’s petition hearing, the 19th of May, even though he was faced with more threats to be “dealt with” if he showed up. 

He denied the allegations against him that he wrote a letter to the lawyers of the Labour Party, telling them to withdraw Peter Obi’s petition in court, saying, “I didn’t write any letter. I only spoke that now that I am in charge of the party, as the National Acting Chairman of the party, I am entitled to be briefed of all the goings in the party.”

He also denied the accusations that he had received money from the APC, “I didn’t collect kobo from anybody and I challenge them all the time, if you have an evidence to prove, please show it to the whole world that I collected money from an opposition party. I did not and I will never.”

He said that he is fully behind Obi’s mandate, said that those speaking against him are not more obidient than himself. He went on to say, “I’m not a mole in labour party. If anybody is telling you that I’m a mole, that person is just being mischievous, and the statement is incorrect.”

Ozioma Samuel-Ugwuezi 

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