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Lagos Guber: I Will Never Congratulate Sanwo-Olu for Sham Election, Says Rhodes-Vivour

“This is state-backed terrorism… Nobody has a monopoly of violence… I completely condemn the entirety of this election and I will challenge it in court,” he said.

The Labour Party gubernatorial candidate for Lagos State, Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour, has announced that he will be challenging the Lagos state electoral results in the court of law, claiming that the recently concluded election was nothing but a sham.

Rhodes-Vivour claimed that what was witnessed in the state was “state-backed terrorism”, following the countless instances of electoral violence that was aired on social media, where a lot of people were seen to be disenfranchised through thuggery and violenc.

“What we saw yesterday was Agberocracy, thuggery, hooliganism at its finest. A government by the thugs, of the thugs, for the thugs… “Elections are supposed to be a period where people come out and exercise their rights…It’s not supposed to be war.”

He further claimed that other than the disenfranchisement and violence, there was a deliberate attempt by INEC to manipulate the results by saying, “This is what INEC is doing, and they are supposed to be the umpire. But fortunately, we have all our results, and we are going to challenge this evil that INEC in collaboration with the ruling party, has done to disenfranchise so many voters in Lagos state.”

He also said, “I will never call and congratulate Sanwo-Olu for this sham of an election.”
The Labour Party candidate then urged the people in power who have autonomy to speak up in condemnation of these vices. He then thanked those who came out in support to exercise their voting franchise.

He said that the people that came out to vote, regardless of the obstacles they may have faced, did so with courage, he further said, “We owe it to them to fight for every single vote, and we’re going to do just that.”

He stated emphatically: “I completely condemn the entirety of this election. In every clear term, this was a sham of an election that has not been seen in Lagos since I have been born.”

Samuel-Ugwuezi Ozioma

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