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Labour Party Crisis: Abure Group Says Ajaero, NLC Bad Students of History

Abure-led leadership denounces NLC’s bid to oust Abure, citing lack of constitutional mandate.

The Julius Abure-led leadership of the Labour Party (LP) has said members of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) bent on removing him were bad students of history, having failed to learn from the failed attempt by a former leadership of the congress to take over the party.

The National Publicity Secretary of the party, Obiorah Ifoh , said this on Thursday in response to the move by the NLC to take over the party.

Recalling what he claimed as an attempt by the  Ayuba Wabba-led leadership of the NLC to take over the party in 2015 and the snub it got from the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Ifoh said the move to oust the Abure leadership would similarly end in failure.

He said: “A good student learns from history. Where people refuse to learn from history, history will continue to repeat itself. When the NLC in 2015 attempted to crookedly take over the leadership of the Labour Party and wrote INEC, INEC replied them that they have no locus standi to interfere or change the leadership of the party.

“They have failed to learn from that trajectory and it is surprising that Joe Ajaero’s NLC is also taking the same line of action and trajectory and they are expecting a different result.

“A reasonable NLC would have been thinking of how to consolidate with the leadership of the Labour Party having made huge exploits and having achieved great results from the 2023 general election rather, they have chosen a collision course  which will neither help them nor help Nigerians.”

The leadership of the Labour Party had dismissed the caretaker committee set up by  the NLC to take over the party, stating that the party does not have such constitutional mandate to do so.

The party further said that  the NLC is a body not recognised by the constitution of the  party or any of any  known laws for that matter, to arrogate to itself powers it does not possess.

Chuks Okocha

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