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Kingsley Fanwo: Senator Smart Adeyemi Is a Serial Betrayer

He claimed Governor Yahaya Bello rehabilitated and supported him when he almost became a political orphan.

Kogi commissioner for information and communication, Kingsley Fanwo affirmed that the Kogi APC primaries in the state was free, fair and credible as opposed to some allegations.

Reacting to the statement of Senator Adeyemi, who referred to Governor Yahaya Bello as a tyrant, Mr. Fanwo said it is ridiculous for him to make such statement. He also referred to Senator Adeyemi as a “serial betrayer” noting how the Kogi State governor, ignoring warnings, went ahead to help him when he almost became a political orphan. 

“On the issue of referring to my principal as a tyrant, it is quite unfortunate, coming form senator Smart Adeyemi. Let me take you back the memory lane. He contested in 2007, contested in 2011, contested in 2015 and lost. From that point he almost became a political orphan and it took Governor Yahaya Bello to rehabilitate him, to support him to go back to the senate. The sole reason the governor wanted to support senator Smart Adeyemi was that as someone who has been very vibrant on the floor of the house and also and also a two-term senator at the time, he would have a good shot at the senate presidency.

“Today, that man that gave him that platform, that man that gave him that opportunity, despite the many counsels from people from outside and within the government that he was going to betray him as a serial betrayer, the man went ahead to support him to win that election and he became a senator. So, it is ludicrous for senator smart Adeyemi to come out and say his benefactor that supported him to in the third term seat in the senate is a tyrant”.

Also, responding to the claim of Senator Adeyemi and some members of the party’s inability to vote, the commissioner of Information and communication said it was possible that smart Adeyemi mobilized those men and didn’t go to the place designated for him to vote. 

He also added that INEC was present in all the wards to monitor the process and certified it as credible and it was nobody’s fault that he didn’t vote.

Senator Smart Adeyemi faulted the outcome of the election saying the results were already prepared before the election. He called the outcome ‘a rape of democracy’.

Chioma Kalu

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