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Keke Palmer Files For Restraining Order Against Ex-Boyfriend Darius Jackson, Seeks Full Custody Of Their Son

Palmer accused Jackson of physically abusing her during the 2 year duration of their relationship

Keke Palmer is seeking a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend Darius Jackson, who she claims has been physically and emotionally abusive to her.

The Nickelodeon alum, 30, is also asking for full legal and physical custody of their eight-month-old son Leodis but wishes to grant Jackson visitation, according to The Blast.

In the restraining order request, which she filed in Los Angeles on Thursday, it was noted that the relationship — which began in 2021 — ‘finally ended for good’ early last month ‘primarily due to the physical and emotional abuse inflicted.’

Palmer accused Jackson of abusing her as recently as November 5, stating that she has security footage to back up claims that he ‘trespassed into my home without my knowledge or consent’ and ‘threatened’ her before ‘lunging for my neck, striking me, throwing me over the couch and stealing my phone.’

The site also reported that Palmer alleged there have been ‘many instances of physical violence’ with Jackson, including him ‘hitting’ her in front of their son.

Following the news that Keke filed for custody of their son, Darius took to his Twitter to share a photo of him holding Leodis, and wrote, ‘I love you, son. See you soon.’

Other incidents listed by Keke reportedly involved him ‘destroying personal property, including diaries and prescription eyeglasses’ as well as throwing Keke’s ‘belongings into the street.’

She also accused him of ‘throwing my car keys to prevent me from driving away, spewing profanities about me to our son, threatening to kill himself with a gun if I left him, harassment, and other physical and emotional abuse.’

In her filing Keke also expressed being ‘concerned for Leo’s safety’ due to prior incidents.

She claimed that on September 26, 2023 Darius became ‘very frustrated with him when Leo was crying while Darius changed his diaper.’

She explained that her former partner ‘started getting rough with Leo physically and I stepped in to make sure Darius would not hurt him.’

She continued: ‘Darius was angry and it almost became a tug of war with Leo. Darius finally let go and Leo was not harmed, but as I was holding Leo trying to comfort him and finish changing his diaper, Darius hit me in the head before storming out of the room.’

Along with her filing, she also included screenshots of what appears to be security footage featuring a man striking a woman over a sofa.

Keke also shared incidents of emotional abuse, writing, ‘If we were at a party or event, and I spoke with one person too long or looked at someone a “certain way”, he would storm off in a rage – telling me I was ‘s**t’ and a ‘w***e,’ accuse me of cheating on him, and that I did not love him.’


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