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Kabir Ado Minjibir: No Division Between NLC and TUC, Only Different Approach

“As time goes on, we would definitely harmonize ourselves because at the end of the day, we are going to the same destination.”

Deputy president of the National Labour Congress, Kabir Ado Minjibir has clarified that contrary to the raised eyebrows and suspicion of many, there is no division between NLC and the Trade Union Congress.

The suspicion came on the heels of the TUC via a press conference, refusing to be a part of the process, meeting and declaration of embarking on street protest against the economic hardship slated by the NLC.

Minjibir, in an interview with ARISE NEWS on Wednesday, said organized labor has the same goal, but a different manner of approach.

“The NLC has about 53 affiliates and the TUC has its own affiliates and the civil societies are also on their own. During the meeting at the office of the SGR, we were together with the TUC, up till the end of the meeting. Let me tell you that there is no division between the NLC and TUC. It is just that the means of approach this time around differs. The TUC is an independent organization, likewise the NLC. They have their organs and we have our own organs.

“After the issuance of the 14-day ultimatum jointly given by the NLC and TUC, NLC went ahead as an independent body to call its NEC meeting and during that meeting, we resolved to go for the two days protest which the TUC, in their own manner of approach, think it is not proper, decided to go on their own way.

“At the same time, we have the same mission, vision and we are working together as a team and I want to assure that this time around is just that the approach differs but as time go on, we would definitely harmonize ourselves because this is not the first time, we are approaching government on different issues but at the end of the day, we are going to the same destination.”

The deputy President, while reacting to the suspension of the scheduled 2-day protest, said the Union achieved something tangible from the first day of the protest and will wait for the actions of the government.

“We have achieved something tangible and this is the reason we summoned an emergency national executive council to deliberate and receive reports from across the country. The first thing we got is that at least we have voiced out our views that Nigerians are hungry, there is insecurity and poverty in the land. Secondly, we got what we wanted.

“We delivered our letter and we will now wait for the action of the government. Yesterday, during our National Executive Council, we reviewed state by state, the achievements and that is why we saw the earlier communique at the end of the meeting.

“You will agree with me that we signed the last agreement on October 2 last year and we are not convinced with the level of implementation of the agreement and that is why they pushed us to the wall to call on the attention of the government again.

“You can agree with me that from the time we signed that agreement till today, there are new challenges and those include the rising cost of living that necessitated the NLC to look for other demands apart from what we signed in October last year.”

He also said the government has given assurances that the issue of food security will be addressed immediately.

“Also, you are aware that we had two meetings between the federal government and the organized labor at the instance of the secretary to the government of the federation, a lot of issues were discussed and in attendance were some ministers. What we are saying is that it’s not about what we have on the table but we need action this time around. They gave us assurances that the issue of food security will be addressed immediately because to us, what brought about all these challenges is the issue of poverty and hunger in the country and you know that a hungry man is an angry man.”

Chioma Kalu

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