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Jimoh Ibrahim Vows Loyalty to APC, Denies Anti-Party Allegations

“I will never engage in anti-party activities, if I leave APC, I will announce it publicly,” says Jimoh Ibrahim.

Nigerian Senator representing Ondo South, Jimoh Ibrahim, has said that he has never and will not engage in anti-party activities, and that if he was leaving the All-Progressive’s Congress (APC), he will publicly declare it.

Ibrahim said this during an interview with ARISE NEWS on Wednesday where he discussed his suspension from the APC as the party alleged that he was engaging in anti-party activities.

He asserted, “Everyone is informed that I will never engage in anti-party activities. If I am no longer going to be APC, I will announce it publicly.”

Ibrahim, while emphasising that adhering to internal democratic processes is essential for maintaining the integrity and functionality of the political landscape, articulated the constitutional procedures for suspending party members, saying that it should be done at the state, local government, and additional working committee levels.

Reflecting on his commitment to his constituents, Ibrahim shared, “I entered politics to help my people because we were deprived for a very long time. I felt that with my message, I could make a great impact.”

Discussing his political journey, he mentioned an interaction with the Senate President, where he contemplated resigning from the Senate. The President advised him to wait until the party leader was available to discuss the matter further.

Ibrahim highlighted the inherent challenges of running for political office in Nigeria, noting the complexities and vulnerabilities of democracy. He referenced President Tinubu’s journey to the presidency as a testament to overcoming criticism and opposition.

“The interest of the constituency that I represent is pivotal,” Ibrahim stated, explaining his dedication to his role and the decisions he has made for the betterment of his people. He advocated for the enforcement of internal democracy, particularly in primary elections, to ensure fairness and adherence to party guidelines.

He referenced a Supreme Court ruling by Justice Okoro, which mandated that parties must abide by their own guidelines and the electoral constitution when conducting direct primaries. He stressed that internal democracy is vital for the ruling party and the entire democratic system in Nigeria.

Ibrahim also highlighted his legislative achievements, including introducing eight bills in one year and advocating for the development of a federal data bank and a bitumen development commission. He emphasised his commitment to empowering his constituents, particularly through financial support for women entrepreneurs.

Looking ahead, Ibrahim expressed his aspirations to address fundamental problems in Ondo State if he becomes governor. He praised President Tinubu’s strategic intentions but noted that structural reforms are necessary for successful implementation.

In summary, Senator Jimoh Ibrahim emphasised the importance of internal democracy, his dedication to his constituents, and his vision for governance reforms in Nigeria.

Nneoma Udensi 

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