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Jazz Legend Herbie Hancock, Wizkid, FKJ in Lagos for Historic ARISE Fashion Week & Jazz Festival

ARISEPlay subscribers will get free VIP tickets to the highly-anticipated event.

ARISE Media is all set for what promises to be one of the most explosive editions in the event’s long history, having organised 20 editions in top fashion and 

culture destinations across the world, from New York, Paris and Washington, D.C., to London, Cape Town and Abuja.

Now the highly anticipated fashion show returns to Lagos’ events calendar. 

The event is scheduled to hold at Eko Convention Centre from 2nd – 4th of February, 2023.

Furthermore, ARISE Play subscribers can get free VIP tickets to the event.

ARISE Media has turned up the heat by announcing a one-of-a-kind lineup of global music talents, who are scheduled to thrill audiences during the 3-day music and fashion extravaganza.

Wizkid, an ARISE Fashion Week favourite, will take the stage for an unmissable performance following the release of his fifth studio album, More Love, Less Ego just months ago. 

The afrobeats icon has performed at ARISE Fashion Week multiple times in his career, including ARISE Fashion Week 2019 and 2020’s ‘ARISE 30 Under 30’ showcase.

 Wizkid will be joined by jazz legend Herbie Hancock who will be performing in Lagos for the first time in his decades-long career.

The 82-year-old pianist and composer has been the mastermind behind numerous prominent ‘jazz standards’ and hit singles such as “Cantaloupe Island”, “Maiden Voyage” and “Rockit”. 

With 14 Grammys and an Oscar to his credit, his Lagos debut at ARISE Fashion Week & Jazz Festival will certainly be one for the history books.

French multi-instrumentalist musician FKJ (French Kiwi Juice), will also set the event ablaze with an eclectic mix of nu jazz and electronic sounds that will perfectly supplement the array of runway shows scheduled from top local and international designers including Bianca Saunders, Lisa 

Folawiyo, Ituen Basi, Lanre Da Silva Ajayi, NKWO, Tiffany Amber, Joy Meribe, Ajabeng, Mokodu Fall, Mariya Sanusi, Vicnate, Pepper Row and Hudayya.

With a diverse range of jazz-infused talent and a plethora of design legends on display, ARISE Fashion Week & Jazz Festival is proving once again that no one can provide both spectacle and substance the way ARISE does.

ARISE Fashion Week 2023 will feature a diverse set of world class designers, such as Awa Meite, Éki Kéré, Fruché, Awa Meite, Syari Bespoke, T.I Nathan, UNI FORM, Ziva Lagos, Kenneth Ize, Kadiju, Ameer by Ameer and Olooh. Music icons Wizkid, Herbie Hancock and FKJ have all been 

scheduled to take the stage at the explosive 3-day event, organised by ARISE Media.

The ARISE platform also provides a personalised subscription service called “ARISEPlay” that allows its members to access movies and TV shows streamed over the Internet to certain Internetconnected TVs, computers and other devices (“ARISE-ready devices”). 

But it gets better, as all ARISEPlay subscribers have been given the opportunity to acquire a free VIP ticket to ARISE Fashion Week & Jazz Festival.

Subscribers need only send an email to info@ariseplay.com with their account name and then they’re on their way to the biggest music, fashion and culture show in Africa.

Mosunmola Ogi-Olu

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