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Israel’s Strike on Rafah Kills 18 As US Approves Additional Military Aid Package

PM Netanyahu insists that Israel cannot have total victory over Hamas without engaging in Rafah.

Health officials have announced on Sunday, that Israeli strikes on Rafah, the southern Gaza city overnight killed 18 people, including 14 children, as the United States was on track to approve billions of dollars of additional military aid to its close ally.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had earlier asserted that Israel cannot effectively have “total victory” over Hamas without engaging in Rafah. 

Rafah is said to have an estimated 1.4 million Palestinians residing in the densely populated city. 

Many of these individuals have been displaced by previous conflicts in Gaza, forced to seek refuge in overcrowded tent camps, overflowing U.N.-run shelters, or cramped apartments.

Since Israel declared war following Hamas’ deadly cross-border attack on October 7, Netanyahu has emphasised the goal of dismantling Hamas’ military capabilities as a central objective of the conflict.

According to Israeli military sources, Rafah represents Hamas’ last major stronghold in the Gaza Strip, with previous operations having targeted and dismantled a significant portion of the militant group’s infrastructure. 

Despite these efforts, Hamas has managed to regroup in certain areas, maintaining its ability to launch attacks, even in northern Gaza, which was the initial focus of the offensive.

Chioma Kalu

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