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Israeli Strikes Kill 42 in Gaza Amid Intensifying Conflict 

An Israeli strike killed 24 people in Al-Shati refugee camp and killed 18 more in the Al-Tuffah neighborhood, officials reported.

Israeli attacks on districts in Gaza City have resulted in the deaths of at least 42 people, according to the director of the Hamas-run government media office. 

The strikes, carried out on Saturday, targeted residential areas, escalating the already severe humanitarian crisis in the Palestinian enclave.

In one of the deadliest incidents, an Israeli strike on houses in Al-Shati, one of Gaza’s eight historic refugee camps, killed 24 people. 

Ismail Al-Thawabta, speaking to Reuters, confirmed the attack and noted the high civilian toll. 

Another 18 Palestinians lost their lives in a strike on houses in the Al-Tuffah neighborhood.

The Hamas government has yet to provide a detailed response to Israeli claims that the strikes were aimed at military infrastructure. However, a Hamas statement condemned the attacks, accusing Israel of targeting civilians and promising retribution. 

“The occupation and its Nazi leaders will pay the price for their violations against our people,” the statement read.

Footage obtained by Reuters depicted the immediate aftermath of the strikes, showing Palestinians frantically searching for survivors amidst the rubble of destroyed homes in Al-Shati refugee camp. The scenes of devastation included collapsed buildings, blasted walls, and streets filled with debris and dust.

Israel’s current military campaign in Gaza follows a Hamas-led militant incursion into southern Israel on October 7, which resulted in approximately 1,200 Israeli deaths and the capture of over 250 hostages, according to Israeli reports. 

The offensive has plunged Gaza into deep despair, with more than 37,400 Palestinians killed to date. In the last 24 hours alone, 101 people were reported dead, and the vast majority of the population has been rendered homeless and destitute.

As the conflict enters its ninth month, Israeli forces are now focusing their efforts on Rafah, situated at Gaza’s southern edge, and the central area around Deir al-Balah. Reports from residents indicate that Israeli tanks have intensified their operations in the western and northern parts of Rafah, accompanied by heavy bombardment from both air and ground forces. These attacks have forced many families to flee northwards from areas designated as humanitarian zones.

The Israeli military maintains that its operations in Rafah are “precise, intelligence-based” and aimed at dismantling Palestinian military infrastructure. On Friday, Palestinian health officials reported that at least 25 Palestinians were killed and 50 wounded in an Israeli strike on Mawasi in western Rafah. 

Witnesses claim a tank shell struck a tent sheltering displaced families. 

The Israeli military is currently investigating the incident, with an initial inquiry suggesting no IDF involvement in the designated humanitarian area in Al-Mawasi.

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