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Israel Increases Gaza’s Daily Fuel Quota, Electrifies Hospitals; Local Media Says Al-Shifa Head Is Hamas Member

There is a possibility of a peace keeping force being created if the UN security council enforces Article 99 but it’s the last thing Israel wants to see.

Israel has increased the quota of fuel which it supplies Gaza everyday as a form of humanitarian aid, in order to ensure the supply of electricity to the hospitals and other key infrastructure in Gaza and ensure the safety of citizens.

ARISE NEWS special correspondent, Karl Bostic, revealed this in a live report from Tel Aviv, Israel, where he also said that the influence of Hamas had spread so deep into the Gaza society, that Israeli media reported that the Head of the Al-Shifa hospital is also a member of Hamas.

On the decision of Israel to let more fuel into Gaza, Bostic said that it was a surprising development, as Israel initially did not want to supply more fuel to Gaza and they believed that it would be used by Hamas to power their artillery, rather than given to the people for their needs. 

However, the US, he said, put a lot of pressure on Israel, stating the importance of fuel and electricity in the homes, schools, and hospitals of Gazan civilians. This then caused Israel to increase the daily fuel allocation from 60,000 litres per day to 120,000 litres per day.

Bostic then spoke on Israel’s dedication to eradicate the leadership of Hamas as he said, “To kill him (Yahya Sinwar), and also Mohammed Deif, that will be a huge psychological blow. It will be equivalent to the US going after and killing Osama bin Laden who is the architect of 9/11, or going after the leader of Islamic State’s al- Baghdadi for example.

“But then, that’s the point, it’s a psychological blow, but that doesn’t kill the effect of Hamas. Hamas has been in power for 15, 16 years, so they’ve been able to embed themselves in Gaza society. 

“They control, in fact, the government service. We have about a hundred thousand people at least working for the authority in Gaza on the payroll of Hamas because of money funded by Qatar. So, for example, that’s one reason why the head of the Al- Shifa hospital, it turns out, according to Israeli media, that he was a Hamas member.

“So, by killing Sinwar or Deif, that’s just maybe the first step, because then, some are saying that you have to have what you had after World War 2 or the Iraq War, a denazification program, or in Gaza’s case, a de-hamasification program, because you have so many people now who have been  under the sway, under the thrall of Hamas, so, that will be the next step.”

Bostic then spoke on the recent development where the Secretary General of the UN invoked Article 99 of the UN Charter on Gaza, saying, “It’s a tricky mechanism. First of all, it’s very rarely been used. In fact, it’s not been used for decades, and when it has been used, it’s been with mixed results.”

Further explaining Article 99, he said, “What that’s saying is that because of what’s happening in the Gaza war, you have a real threat of this conflict spreading because of other countries getting involved, ranging from Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and now Yemen, that’s a real possibility. And if the security council can agree to pass a resolution, meaning no country vetoes it in terms of the prominent members, then, there’s a possibility of a peace keeping force being created.

“They need to decide as early as Friday, again there’s a prospect of the US vetoing it or of Russia vetoing it, but if it does pass, you’re talking about possibly the creation of a peace keeping force, which is the last thing that Israel wants to see.”

Ozioma Samuel-Ugwuezi